Every year, KGET and our parent company Nexstar seek out remarkable women in our community to highlight ahead of Women’s History Month. We have narrowed our nominations down to four finalists who are changing lives and giving back to the community of Kern County.

Most of our finalists for our Remarkable Women contest have one thing in common: They’ve faced a serious, life-threatening illness. Those challenges seem to have not broken but bolstered their fighting spirits and appreciation for life.

No one more so than Susan Miller-Borg.

She was nominated for her work with local, homeless pets. Her giving spirit is admirable under the best circumstances but, under Susan’s, it’s truly remarkable.

Susan was given three to six months to live last November. Even as she fights for her life, she continues to think of others.

17 News’ Maddie Janssen spoke with finalist Susan Miller-Borg.

When I called you this afternoon, I know it was a surprise and totally out of the blue.

Yes, I had no idea that I was nominated at all , I had no idea. I just have a great support group in Bakersfield. Love them all.

How does that make you feel, what does that make you think to know you were nominated and are a finalist to be recognized as a remarkable woman in our community?

I never expected it I just do things out of my heart, it’s not like I ever wanted to be recognized. It’s not like I show people and do things, it’s just been in me. God’s just put a special part of that in my heart to help people. And they’re helping me now.

It sounds like you’ve pushed through this for years and, despite the cancer and sickness, you’re still striving to reach outside yourself and help others.

Yeah that’s true because I brought a bunch of dog food and got some shears for dogs that had gnats and I walked it over there yesterday and gave it to the guy. I was pretty weak, but I just did it anyways and I got through it.

It sounds like animals are your passion.

Animals are my passion and I do a lot of homeless ministry too. I love animals, that’s just part of me and I love them.

I started getting involved in HALT rescue, a local rescue and that’s been ten years ago and I’ve been gung-ho since. Just reaching out to community when I see a homeless person with a dog, I always have my car full with stuff with food and bowls and leashes and stuff and I just pull over and bless them and give them what they need.

What’s your advice for people going through hardships right now? There are a lot of people going through hardships right now, but yours are pretty extreme, the things you’ve been told, the treatments you are undergoing, but you are able to smile today. Where do you find that strength and what’s your advice to other people who are dealing with adversity and need to find the strength to push through?

I’ve got to give credit to God because I have no strength it’s just through God that he’s given me the strength to do all this. I had a turning point. When I found all this out that I had 3-6 months to live I started going, ok, I got to get all this in order.  Then I was like, wait I’m going to fight. I’m not going to take that. And I did, and I’m still fighting. And you’ve just got to get through those hurdles, even though you’re feeling horrible like I did for quite awhile. This is probably the fifth day that I’ve felt good so this is a good time.

As you look back over your community service and what’s gotten you to where you are today, do you have any advice to young women in our community?

Gosh we have a great community and there’s a lot of need in our community. There’s so much need out there from homeless ministries to animal shelters. I just feel like if you try something and it’s not your niche, try something else. And if you try something and you like it, then stick with it and don’t give up, because it’s the best blessing you’ll ever have, you know when you give out of yourself, you receive so much more.