Every year, KGET and our parent company Nexstar seek out remarkable women in our community to highlight ahead of Women’s History Month. We have narrowed our nominations down to four finalists who are changing lives and giving back to the community of Kern County.

17 News’ Maddie Janssen spoke with finalist Robin Hartney.

What does it mean for you to be nominated and recognized as a remarkable woman in our community?

It really means a lot to me because when you do things for people in the back of your mind you are always wondering if what you are doing makes a difference and if people appreciate the things you do. By being nominated it just lets me know that I am making a difference to keep doing what I’m doing that there’s always someone out there that needs someone to lend them a helping hand and I just really appreciate being nominated.

What did you think when I called you?

I was really surprised because I’m like what you would call the person behind the curtain. I like to do a lot of stuff for people but I don’t like to be out in front. And I was really a little bit nervous because I’m just humble and I just like to do it without being recognized for it. But I do appreciate this.

Tell me a little about the work you do with California Mentor and local adults with disabilities.

California Mentor is a home agency where Kern Regional has adults with disabilities that some can live on their own and some can’t live on their own. They find a person that’s willing to have them placed in their home and become part of their family and guide and lead them and help them become as independent as possible so that one day they can come out of a FHA supervised home and go into a their own home and live on their own. And that’s one thing that I do. I’m also on the flip side, I work for the other part when they do live on their own I go into their homes and I assist them with whatever daily needs that’s needed at that time. Making sure that they take their medication, that they’re eating properly that their home is clean, that they’re keeping up with doctor’s appointments and that they’re not just sitting in their house all alone.

I just fell in love with them. They’re just amazing people. All they want is love and someone to treat them as normal as possible.

Your friend who nominated you just raved about the way you serve the community you love, your family, you feed the homeless, you care for people in your family. What gives you the drive to serve so well and love so well?

I think my love for people. And it’s just in me. My mother raised us to love everybody. My mother, I lost her last year in March and she always helped people. No matter what she always helped them. She instilled that in me to help people as much as I can, even though I don’t have a lot and I basically live paycheck to paycheck, but there’s some people way worse than that that.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to other young women in our community?

Help. You don’t know how blessed you would be by blessing someone else. There’s always a blessing in helping someone else. There’s always people that’s less fortunate than someone else. So give from your heart and just do it.