For Women’s History Month KGET, Dignity Health, and Clinica Sierra Vista want to recognize Remarkable Women in our community. Every Tuesday in March on 17 News at Sunrise we’ve featured a new, remarkable woman making a difference in Kern County. This week we’re introducing you to Caryl Curless.

Curless isn’t the type to seek out recognition. In fact she was shocked when she was notified about her nomination as a remarkable woman. “When you called me I was shocked of course and when you told me what it was about, I said, I don’t know who told you this, but she’s a liar.”

But Curless’ humble attitude is part of what makes her a remarkable woman. She worked at Heritage Christian school for 36 years, first as a teacher and then as the librarian. Friend Robin Smith is the one who nomined Curless. “I’ve heard many say that Caryl is an angel on earth. She has touched the life of so many parents and students and the list goes on,” says Smith.

“When I was a librarian, my three primary goals, my interests were Jesus Christ, kids and books and trying to connect those. So my advice would be find your passion, your interest, and use that to serve others.” And serve she does. Whether it’s volunteering at an orphanage in Romania, feeding the hungry on the streets of Bakersfield, or comforting those who’ve lost loved ones with a white rose and a kind message every Christmas. “I do it for the Lord. He taught us in the good Samaritan parable, and in other ways… be nice, be kind.” Proving remarkable acts aren’t always big or grand… sometimes they’re small and unassuming. But that’s all it takes to touch someone’s heart, and the results can be truly remarkable.

Next Monday on 17 News at Sunrise, we will reveal which remarkable woman is getting $1,000 to the charity of her choice.