We asked and you delivered — in an online poll asking what Kern County residents’ favorite local Basque restaurants are, Wool Growers Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge was overwhelmingly nominated! 17’s Ilyana Capellan heads to Wool Growers in East Bakersfield to try out their family-style dinner and tasty drink menu.

Wool Growers is one of the few Basque restaurants in Bakersfield still in operation since the early days of the Basque migration to the area. Christiane Camou, the third-generation owner of Wool Growers, says they still use her grandmother’s original recipes for everything on the menu — including the drinks.

Capellan learns how to make a traditional Calimocho, Pecan Punch, and the popular Basque Mule. JC Coscarat, a bartender at Wool Growers, says the drinks he serves at the restaurant are a tribute to his Basque culture: “we drink wine for every meal in the Basque country. A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.”

To learn more about Wool Growers, call 661-327-9584 or click here.