From European trends to Hispanic favorites, Sweet Bites N Ice offers an array of treats to satisfy the whole family’s cravings! 17’s Ilyana Capellan pops over to this hidden gem to satiate her sweet tooth.

The food truck located at 4647 White Lane offers varieties of crepes, bubble waffles, funnel cakes, aguas frescas, and more all served with homemade ice cream and fresh fruit.

Owner Stephanie Chavez said using fresh fruit and natural ingredients helps her treats not be overly sweet. “I want people to come and get a dessert or a drink and be able to enjoy the entire thing without thinking it is too sweet for their taste.”

Chavez grew up in Mexico where she fell in love with the paletarias, or ice cream shops, where she would always order crepes. Then bringing European inspiration from her time studying abroad, she noticed the unique trend of bubble waffles sold by vendors in the Czech Republic. Combining these influences, the Sweet Bites N Ice menu pays homage to Mexican influences like horchata ice cream and drinks with Tajin rims with European delicacies and American fair favorites.

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