Pop Kern: Let’s Have a Picnic

Pop Kern

Like so many of us, you’ve probably been cooped up in your house for too long and are longing to do something. 17’s Nicole Gitzke checked out The Picnic Planner Co, a local business that is helping you celebrate any occasion, or just a day out of the house, stress free.

Whether you’re throwing a baby shower, going on a date night, or a brunch with the gals, this is the perfect way to get out in nature and have everything done for you, so you simply can relax. Cristal Garza, owner, says some people will have her set up a picnic as a surprise and she loves to see their reaction.

Each picnic can be personalized for the special occasion. You can have food to snack on, games to play, paint and a canvas to capture the setting, and more! If you are interested in booking a picnic, click here!

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