Pop Kern: Football Food Favorites

Pop Kern

This Sunday is a big day for football fans and sports lovers alike. The Kansas City Chiefs are taking on the Tamp Bay Buccaneers. As you kick back to watch the game, why not support local and have them do the hard work for you. Bakersfield Pizza Co. and Just Wing It are offering Sunday deals for the game.

Did you know, 1.25 billion wings will be eaten on Sunday and over 100 million pounds of chicken will be consumed? Wings are one of the top snacks for football, so what better than to order up take-out from Just Wing It. They are expecting a busy day so make sure to call them ahead of time. To check out their menu, click here.

Another top contender when it comes to football food, pizza. The 3rd most popular topping is sausage and it’s the top two snack on the big game. Bakersfield Pizza Co. is whipping up a meal-deal that includes an extra-large pizza, two orders of wings, fries and a tom bready (cheesy-garlic bread that looks like a deflated football). Sports fan will understand that joke! To check out their menu, click here.

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