BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — It’s date night so Pop Kern Host, Ilyana Capellan is joined by her Husband, Rashaan as they head to HoneyBox Bakersfield to learn all about their charcuterie classes, including it’s upcoming charcuterie couples class.

HoneyBox Bakersfield is a charcuterie business located in Central Bakersfield. They make Charcuterie Boards, and charcuterie boxes, but also cater for events of all kinds.  Recently, owner, Ericka Lopez decided to share her charcuterie-making abilities with the community through fun events and classes. “We actually are having our very first couples class coming up at the beginning of July,” said Lopez.

“It’s our very first one, and It completely sold out within a few days so we’re really excited about that,” said Lopez. “We just added two more dates, one at the end of July and one at the beginning of august so perfect for right before back to school for all of the parents.” More information on the classes and events hosted by HoneyBox Bakersfield can be found here.

Each class includes wine from a local winery, an array of meats, cheeses, and fruits, along with a bamboo board for you to take home with your completed masterpiece at the end of class. Lopez and her staff walk you through, step by step creating the board. They teach proper cutting techniques with the cheese slicer, creative folds with the meats, and help guide the students in whichever way possible. Lopez believes there’s no proper way to create a charcuterie board and fosters a creative culture for students.

This class was the perfect opportunity to have a fun date night experience, work together, and get creative! Plus it cuts out the fuss when having to plan out a full date night, the handmade charcuterie board is the perfect meal paired with your favorite wine.