Ever wondered what it takes to make the cheer team? Flexibility, pep, and a love for pom poms are the qualities of being a cheerleader that haven’t left 17’s Ilyana Capellan in her cheer career retirement.

Capellan met with Arthur Smith, CSUB Head Cheer Coach and Spirit Coordinator, to see if she still had her tucks, jumps, and flips down. During her one-on-one practice with Smith, she learned about the CSUB Cheer Team’s mission to give back to their community and represent the best of Kern County.

The next morning, Capellan joined the squad during their practice to learn some sideline dances and jump sequences. Despite Capellan’s impressive retention of her co-ed and group stunting skills, Smith says he recruits cheerleaders who simply work hard. “When I say I’m looking for a hard working, I really am looking for someone who is just going to work. If the stunt and finished product never came, they would be just as happy as if it came on the second time they ever tried it.,” says Smith.

Tryouts for the team are Saturday, May 7 beginning at 9:30 A.M.; for more information on the team and ways you can get involved, check out their Instagram and website.