Pop Kern: Book Club

Pop Kern

You may have made the goal to read more, but have you been sticking to that goal? Sometimes it can be hard to hold yourself accountable. Maybe you don’t feel like you have the time, lost interest in your book, or just don’t feel motivated that day. But, don’t give up, instead try a book club! It’s a great way to have others hold you accountable and offers you the chance to check out genres and books you never thought about reading before.

17’s Maddie Janssen and Vanessa Dillion both started their own book club amid the pandemic.

Janssen created the book club with Sunrise viewers in mind. She wanted to involve our viewers into the the discussion about the book, by breaking down meanings and perceptions about the book being covered. For Janssen, during the riots last year that was a point where she felt we could use books to help us. She says it’s a chance to understand anothers perspective. Janssen is involved on Facebook . She discusses her book of the month and looks for feedback from other readers. Join her monthly for a new read!

Dillion on the other hand created her book club with a dear friend. The women used it as a chance to help themselves grow while being able to catch up with one another. Now Dillion breaks down each book weekly every Thursday on Studio 17. She encourages viewers to join in on the discussion by sending their thoughts to Studio17’s social media pages.

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