Pop Kern: Best Costume Shops in Bakersfield

Pop Kern

Halloween is right around the corner, but don’t be scared if you haven’t yet found the perfect costume; Bakersfield is home to several locally-owned costume shops equipped for all your Halloween needs.

Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan heads to Fantasy Frocks Costumes, Bakersfield Costume, and In Your Wildest Dreams to check out what makes each shop unique:

Fantasy Frocks Costumes, located right in downtown in a quaint cottage-like building, boasts thousands of rentals and tailoring services for making your costume fit and look perfect.

Bakersfield Costume, located in Oildale, has over 15 room stocked from floor to ceiling with costumes and garments. While there may be a national costume shortage, this shop is overflowing with timeless outfits.

In Your Wildest Dreams, also located downtown but will soon open a second location on F Street, is stocked up on quirky and authentic garments from all decades. Give these thrifted goods a second life and repurpose them for your costume!

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