BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Baseball is America’s pastime. From the hot dogs to the popcorn and beer baseball is full of rich history. What better way to discover that history than here at Bakersfield’s D-Bat?

At over 25,000 square feet, they consider themselves to be one of Kern County’s top and premier baseball and softball training facilities.

You can rent tunnels, five of which have pitching machines that throw baseballs and salt.

D-Bat is not just a baseball facility. It also has simulation machines that let you choose where you are playing, what type of ball you want to hit and what type of pitch you want to practice hitting.

And what’s really kind of cool too, is we’ll see dads come in with their kids and they’ll they’ll go out to use our pitching machines and then two or three minutes later the dad will come back in and say, do you have a bat that I can use because they see the kid having a great time and all of a sudden?

Students, middle schoolers, whatever age want to prepare themselves for college level games.

“We’ve got some instructors that are specifically for softball. Our target baseball and softball audience starts at about 6 years old and goes up to Infinity,” said Pat Person, D-Bat’s owner.

D-Bat also has instructors that focus on pitching.

For more information visit their facility at 12539 Jomani Dr #B, Bakersfield, CA 93312, or call them at (661)-573-3228.