As the supply chain remains backed up and shipped items are in limbo, the source for all of your Christmas present shopping can be found right here in Bakersfield!

Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan heads to Ladies’ Night Out, an event on Friday, Nov. 12th that featured local vendors, artists, and creators in Bakersfield who all have unique gift ideas.

Capellan talks to Kristen Palm, sales and marketing manager of Junk-Atique Outlet, about the importance of shopping local and taking advantage of the upcoming Small Business Saturday event. Capellan then checks out a few vendors including Jocelyn Shares with her block printing and laser cutting creations, Melanin and Moonlight featuring diverse clay earring designs, and JenWillCo with her individualized, hand-painted hats.

Many local artists promote their creations and conduct sales transactions through social media and other online platforms. To plan out your local shopping trip this holiday season, find all downtown businesses here.