From lavish picnics in Hart Park to finding prehistoric “Wineosaurs” at Triassic Vineyards. Follow 17’s Ilyana Capellan, as she takes you down Pop Kern’s memory lane from the first part of 2022.

Her first stop is Hart Park to meet up with the Picnic Planner Co. Pink, orange, and gold-themed decor welcomed Ilyana and looked stunning. With a gentle breeze, ducks waddling around, and the smell of freshly cut flowers, Garza’s picnic set-up felt ethereal.

Following the journey, Bakersfield’s D-Bat helps Ilyana showcase her batting cage skills, but her athletic abilities don’t stop there. She then met with Arthur Smith, CSUB Head Cheer Coach, and Spirit Coordinator, to see if she still had her tucks, jumps, and flips down. Continuing down memory lane, Capellan pops over to this hidden gem to satiate her sweet tooth. The food truck located at 4647 White Lane offers varieties of crepes, bubble waffles, funnel cakes, aguas frescas, and more all served with homemade ice cream and fresh fruit. Then she headed down Rosedale Hwy to visit Bakersfield’s newest experience, Wicked Pour Candle Bar.

And to finish this trip down memory lane; she visited a winery and customized a flight with a mix of red and white wines to sample just some of what Triassic Vineyards has to offer.