UPDATE: Officer-involved shooting in McFarland, police canine and suspect survive

Officer-Involved Shooting

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — An update to the officer involved shooting in McFarland on New Year’s Day.

The Police dog at the center of the shooting was hit multiple times but will be ok. Police fired at least 30 shots at the suspect, and he’s expected to live, too. That man, now revealed to have a huge police record.

Caught on camera. The standoff that left a Delano police dog wounded and a long list of questions about what happened is getting some answers. At the top of that list, the suspect, Eddie Figueroa, was the target of barrage of police gunfire, of at least 30 shots fired, survives and is now booked in jail.

New details from Delano Police Officer Julian Ortiz about Police Canine Axel, who was wounded in the shootout is stable. Ortiz said Axel was shot multiple times in the torso but is stable and is expected to recover.

The McFarland Police Department still continues to avoid giving any statement or answer questions. They have not answered after repeated phone calls.

Now here’s what we know happened on that night.

It was a high-risk car stop after a car chase, we know that from a statement by the Delano Police Department. The McFarland Police Department offered no statement and didn’t answer repeated phone calls. But viewer video and interviews with neighbors gives a glimpse into what happened.

We warn you the video is disturbing.

Residents say McFarland Police Department stopped the car, but the driver refused to get out. This is when McFarland P.D. called Delano P.D. at about 8:30 p.m. and asked for the Delano K9 unit to come to the scene.
We were told by officer Ortiz only Axel and his handler were sent from the Delano police department.

A crowd gathered as the standoff continued. In the video, you can hear bystanders shouting at the suspect , to surrender, that his family was watching.

Ultimately the dog is released. Just as the dog reached the car, you can hear a bystander shout, “He’s got a gun!”

Then you hear the barrage of gunfire. We know the suspect, survived the barrage of gunfire and is now expected in court on Tuesday.

In a second video, although the quality is poor, you can see the Delano police SUV racing Axel to the hospital. You can also see officers pull the suspect out of his car and secure him to the ground. You can see one officer pick a gun off the street near where the suspect lies, and you see the officer put the gun on the hood of a police car.

We know that the Kern County Sheriff’s Office has been asked to assist in the investigation, but they didn’t answer phone calls over the holiday weekend either.

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