BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Bakersfield Police Department released police body-worn camera footage of the shooting of a man on White Lane on March 18.

An officer shot and killed a man who was reported to have a knife, but a screwdriver was found at the scene.

The video released by Bakersfield police Thursday included a half-mile foot chase of the man on White Lane. The department also said a resident was on a ride-along with an officer at the time of the incident.

The man killed in the shooting was later identified as Guillermo Padron Huerta, 35, of Bakersfield by the Kern County coroner’s office.

Body camera footage shows officers following and observing Huerta walk through what appears to be a shopping center. While at the scene officers believed Huerta had a knife in his hand, but an investigation later showed it was a screwdriver.

Throughout the video, officers can be heard telling Huerta to stop running but he does not. The officers chase Huerta through what appears to be a parking lot and warn him about using their stun guns.

The video shows an officer deploying their stun gun but it did not reach Huerta.

The video shows Huerta leading an officer in a foot pursuit in the roadway. During the foot pursuit, the officer passes a bystander riding a bicycle and the police advise the bystander not to get hurt.

Shortly after this, you can hear another officer’s gunshots.

The video then cuts to a separate officer’s body-worn camera video and explains that this officer fired their gun and had a member of a ride-along in their vehicle.

In this officer’s body-worn camera footage, you can hear the officer tell the member of the ride-along that they will stay in the vehicle because the suspect has a knife.

This officer arrives at the scene and shouts at the suspect, who is running in the direction of the officer, to get on the ground.

The officer then shoots at Huerta. Huerta then falls to the ground.

Medical aid was requested and officers performed first aid, according to the police department.

Huerta was taken to a local hospital where he died, according to the coroner’s office.

In a news release BPD Chief of Police Greg Terry said:

The public has a legitimate interest in obtaining timely and accurate information about police shootings, and the Bakersfield Police Department is committed to making that information available. We will release the body worn camera footage of officers in critical incidents as soon as it is possible to do so without compromising an investigation. This is our commitment to accountability and professionalism.

Chief of Police, Greg Terry

The police department identified the officer involved as B. Mouser and he has been employed as an officer with the police department for about two years, according to BPD.