LAS VEGAS (KLAS) t– Judge Suzan Baucum did not revoke Henry Ruggs’ bail and he will remain on house arrest after missing a breathalyzer test but he will be monitored for alcohol around the clock.

The former Las Vegas Raiders player walked into a Las Vegas courtroom Monday morning after he was ordered last week to make a physical appearance in court for missing the required test.

Ruggs was required to test four times a day. Missing the test violated one of the terms of his release on bail.

He is now required to wear an ankle bracelet that monitors him for alcohol 24 hours a day. Judge Baucum said she is comfortable with that device and it replaces the breathalyzer requirement.

Ruggs’ attorney David Chesnoff told Judge Baucum that Ruggs is not a danger to the community. He has completed 77 tests and missed the test because he was with family and didn’t hear the testing alert.

Jennifer Rangel who is with SCRAM of Nevada said Ruggs had been very compliant despite missing the one test and had even taken nine additional tests outside of what was required.

Ruggs is accused of driving drunk and causing a deadly crash on Nov. 2, Police say Ruggs was speeding at 156 mph seconds before he rear-ended Tina Tintor’s car on Rainbow Boulevard near Spring Valley Parkway causing it to catch fire, killing her and her dog.

Ruggs faces charges of DUI resulting in death and reckless driving resulting in death in connection with the crash.