Young entrepreneurs encouraged to come out for Lemonade Day in Bakersfield


Local businesses are encouraging the community’s youth to get outside and learn the basics of business while providing a sweet treat of a product for Lemonade Day, May 19

Bakersfield coordinator of the Lemonade Day program Danielle Thompson said it is designed to get kids excited about running a business, while teaching them some tricks for success. 

“The program is really cool because what it’s doing is teaching the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship to kids,” Thompson said. The principles can be applied to so many different areas of life. We teach them how to set a goal, how to develop a budget. We teach them about branding and advertising and customer service.” 

As for the potential profits young entrepreneurs stand to earn, the program encourages some spending, some saving, and some sharing with the community. 

“You get to share with people like an animal shelter or something like that,” said Lemonade Day participant Hudson Wiley, 9. “And then you could save for a trampoline or something.” 

Some local businesses owners have voiced their support of the program, encouraging lemonade stands to pop up around town.

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