Dramatic video shows fiery emergency landing of Russian airliner

World News

The Russian Investigative Committee released surveillance video Wednesday of the landing of a plane on fire in 2019 that killed 41 people.

The video showed flames bursting from the jet’s underside as it touched down, then raging across the rear of the plane within seconds as the airliner bounced down on the runway.

Passengers leaped out of the plane and onto an inflatable evacuation slide and staggered to safety.

The Russian airliner carried 78 people when it took off from Moscow on May 5, 2019 and was airborne for just 28 minutes before returning to make an emergency landing.

The plane was still heavy with unburned fuel, which then ignited after a rough touchdown.

The plane’s commander was charged with a pilot error resulting in the death of 41 people on board.

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