Woman pleads for return of stolen ashes


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) —  A local woman pleads for the return of her mother and her husband’s ashes after someone broke into her best friend’s vehicle and stole everything, including their ashes.

The burglary happened on Thursday, just after 12 p.m. on Harris Road in Oildale, where Melinda Clark lives.

Clark just moved back from Arizona, bringing with her, her most prized possessions, a possession she left in the trunk of her best friend’s car.

On Thursday morning, she woke up to find that her best friend’s car had been burglarized. Nothing was in the car and her mother and husband’s ashes were gone. Her husband passed away 15-years-ago to cancer and her mother passed away four years ago to COPD. 

Clark said whoever burglarized the vehicle can keep everything they took, but pleads for the only memory that she has left of her loved ones.

“They took everything, and those ashes mean a lot to me,” said Clark. “It was my mom, like they don’t even understand the pain. If it was them, how would they like it if someone were to just like throw her away. That goes through my head everyday.”

She asks for the person who took their ashes to return them. Adding, they can leave them on the front porch and no questions will be asked. 

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