Woman coordinates blood drive after donations save her life


Nearly four years ago, Desiree Kingston nearly lost her life after the birth of her son David.

After severe hemorrhaging, Kingston was hanging onto life by a thread.

But what helped her pull through was the donors that gave blood to Houchin Community Blood Bank. Without them, Kingston’s story would have been entirely different. 

When talking about the moment she was rushed out of the recovery room for emergency away from her husband and son, Kingston said, “He was waiting alone with our son in the recovery room. And he was gearing himself for the phone call of: ‘your wife didn’t make it.'”

Fortunately, that call never came and nearly four years later, Kingston is preparing to welcome a daughter into her family.

Something that reminded her of the real danger with losing blood and importance of donating blood.

Which led her back to Houchin Community Blood Bank.

Where she is coordinating a donation drive that hopes to refill the bank’s stockpile of donor blood.

As Carola Enriquez, Director of Community Development said, “We unfortunately have to say that all our blood supply shelves are really low, and it’s really frightening how low some of them are.”

Nonetheless, Kingston hopes her story, along with the partnership between Houchin can spur the generous spirit of the Golden Empire. 

Inspiring them to make a donation that could help save a life.

Desiree’s blood drive will last through Jan. 20. Donations of all blood types are welcome.

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