What rights are afforded to undocumented immigrants?


Hundreds of undocumented farm workers in Kern County live in fear of immigration agents every day.

With the recent crack down on illegal immigrants, many fear ICE raids.

So what options are out there for undocumented immigrants, when they are approached by ICE agents?

17 News spoke with an immigration expert Wednesday about what options they have, out at the scene where a Delano couple was killed in a crash fleeing federal immigration agents who were trying to pull them over.

Immigration attorney Gabriela Lopez said it’s important for undocumented immigrants to know their rights if ever approached by ICE agents.

“In these times I know that there is a lot of fear in the immigrant community, but remember that you need to also be safe and that you have rights too,” Lopez said. 

“You can pull over if stopped by an ICE agent and then refuse to tell them any information about where you were born, how long you’ve been in the United States, what your status is in the United States, you can ask for a lawyer.”

Lopez said everyone is protected under the Constitution and if you are approached by a ICE agent, she said you should keep quiet, act courteous and ask for a lawyer.

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