Westchester coyote treated for mange


For more than a month, residents of the Westchester neighborhood downtown have spotted a mange covered coyote wandering the streets.

After the Department of Fish and Wildlife said they would not step in unless the coyote became a threat to public safety, an organization from Simi Valley stepped in.

Sunday, Wildlife Care of Southern California, a non-profit, based in Simi Valley specializing in treating coyotes for mange, came to Bakersfield to treat the wild animal. 

Last week Fish and Wildlife told 17 News the coyote appears to have sarcoptic mange, a skin disease caused by a parasitic mite that burrows into the skin. 

Anna Reams with the Wildlife Care of Southern California and her team were able to track the animal.

Reams said they treated the coyote for mange using food. She would not go into anymore details for that safety of the animal and the community.  

Last week Reams told 17 News once the coyote is treated, the medication starts working right away.

She expects the caine to start acting like a normal coyote as the animal recovers over the next few weeks, that means the coyote will be seen less during the day. 

The group says they want to continue watching the coyote to make sure everything is OK.

If you spot the animal, email Reams at annareams@gmail.com.

Fish and Wildlife ask you do not feed or approach the coyote.     

The department also said pet owners should keep their animals indoors.

If you feel threatened by the coyote or any animal, call 911 immediately.

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