Wasco City Council leaders vote to cancel four uncontested elections, say decision saves city money


The Wasco City Council voted Tuesday to cancel four uncontested races that were set to appear on the November ballot. Leaders said the the decision to cancel the elections would save the city roughly $50,000.

 The races canceled include two city council seats, a city clerk position, and a treasurer. 

 “[This is] an example of efficiency in local government, said Waco’s Interim City Manager Larry Pennell. “This [decision] saved us approximately $50,000.”

Pennell said the money saved would have been taken out of the city’s general fund. He referred to this as the city’s “most dear dollars.” 

“We use [this money] to finance the majority of city government…[including] fire, police, planning, portions of public works, and city administration.”

Some may wonder about how this decision will affect write-in candidates. According to 17 News political consultant Cathy Abernathy, Proposition 14, passed by California voters in 2010, made it law that write-in candidates can only be counted “…in the primary [election], but not in the general [election].”

She added that there is “no point” for cities like Wasco to include an option for write-in candidates for the general election, because “[officials won’t tally the votes of a write-in.”

Meanwhile, Pennell noted the people of Wasco have been through similar instances before.

“Thisis the third time the Wasco City Council has canceled an election,” he said. “I think the people who live here understand why that decision was made and [is] not in any way suspicious of an election cancellation. They had a chance to run and they elected not to run.”  

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