‘Volunteer of the Year’ to graduate, continue lifelong mission of helping others


Soon, a local student will walk across the stage and take another step in her mission to help others.

Liberty High School senior Emily Aldritt is looking to better the world with small acts of kindness.

She considers them small acts, but these ‘small acts’ earned her the title of the California Volunteer of the Year from the governor’s office.

“It was really surreal in the moment. I am so honored and humbled.  I can’t really even put it into words still.  It was really amazing,” said Emily Aldritt.

Aldritt is quite amazing, beginning her mission of helping others when she was just 11 years old.

“Treat ‘Em Sweet is a non-profit fundraiser I started when I was 11.  My goal was to just bake treats and see how much money I could raise and it ended up turning out really big, bigger than I expected,” Aldritt said.

For the past 7 years, during Christmas time, Aldritt has baked goodies to sell.  She donates 100 percent of profits to the Bakersfield Homeless Center and Alliance Against Family Violence.

“You know, we house over 100 kids every night at the homeless shelter and I wanted to do something.  I know I can change their situation immediately and I can’t give them a home or I can’t provide them with food every night, but I know that my little effort can help in some way,” Aldritt said.

Let’s just focus on that word little, because Aldritt is being a little modest.

“It’s incredibly impressive to think that a young child just 11 years old is so aware of the needs of others and is willing to give of her time to help and now as a graduate, graduating this year, that she’ll have raised 80,000 in the years that she’s been doing this project.  It is just so remarkable to see what the power of one person is really capable of doing,” said Tara Bula, a Governement and Econ teacher at Liberty High School.

Even if she raised only a dollar, that would have been fine for Aldritt, because any help is good in her eyes.

“It doesn’t take much to go pick up trash and it doesn’t take much to clean out your closet and go donate your old clothes, it’s not hard work,  I just think we should all have a little bit in our heart to give back because that’s all we can do,” Aldritt said.

Aldritt is headed to Louisiana State University to study Environmental Engineering. She wants to combine her passion for serving others with her passion for bettering the environment.

On her bucket list is working in another country with detrimental infrastructure to better living conditions for the people there.

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