Veteran’s service dog found, family thanking the community


Muschka, a Navy veteran’s missing service dog, is home.

“She’s part of the family and when she wasn’t there you kept looking for her,” Ron Trulock said.

Trulock, a retired Navy captain, is battling Parkinson’s disease. Three years ago Muschka came into his life and since then she’s been by his side every day, except the last week.

“A week I don’t want to redo,” ron Trulock said.    

Trulock and his wife Judy were on their way home to San Luis Obispo, where they live part time, when they pulled over just outside Arvin to let Muschka stretch.

The couple said they turned their backs for a second, and the 91-pound, Great Dane mix was gone. 

They posted signs offering a reward and spent hours searching, but had not heard anything until they received a phone call late Thursday night from Grace O’Dell.

“I was walking this way and when I looked at my car, a big black head was just right there,” O’Dell said. “And I’m pretty sure that she jumped through this side of the window and she was sitting right there and she was just looking right at me.”

O’dell found Muschka Monday, but does not have TV, so she never saw the original story.

“My friend that lives over there he came over and he told me about, there was a sign up for a missing dog and her name was Muschka and I said well that’s got to be the dog that I’ve got then,” O’Dell said.

With a description that fit, Trulock was on his way back Friday morning to Arvin.

“I get out of the car and she came around and she has a thing thing where she waggles her little stub tail and she gets that tail going,” Trulock said.

By Friday, night Trulock and Muschka were home.

The Trulocks thank the entire community for all the love and support they have received.

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