Veteran battling Parkinson’s disease searching for lost service dog


Ron and Judy Trulock are looking for their service dog, Mushka, after she ran off during a pit stop in Arvin on Sunday.

Mushka is a 91-pound Great Dane mix, mostly black with a white chest and white paws, 91-pound Great Dane mix. She has been Ron Trulock’s service dog for the last three years.

Trulock, a retired Navy Captain, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 10 years ago.

“She watches out for me,” Ron Trulock said. “When I’m sitting in a chair and I see her sitting anywhere in a room and just say lift, she comes over, parks in front of me and allows me to get up. It’s hard to try to recover from what she does for me to not being there.” 

The Trulocks were on their way to San Luis Obispo — where they live part time — after spending the Fourth of July in Utah. They made a stop just outside of Arvin, near Bear Mountain Boulevard and Tejon Highway for what was supposed to be a quick stretch break.

“She was really happy to get out and she didn’t have her harness on, so she knew she could go play,” Judy Trulock said. “Which was fine and she ran around a little bit and we gave her a whole bunch of water because she was really thirsty. Ron had some other things he had to take care of so I was helping him on the side of the road, not a road a little dirt path, and we turned our backs and we didn’t dream she would take off.” 

The couple spent the last three days searching and hoping to find Mushka.

“We’ve gone to all the shelters because that’s where we were told she would be taken because she has a microchip of course, as well as her collar,” Judy Trulock said.

Now they are reaching out to the community for help, offering a $100 reward.

“If you find her, please let us know,” Judy Trulock said. “And if you find her and choose not to give her back, please make a good home for her.”

If you see Mushka, or have any information, call Judy Trulock at 949-633-8090.

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