Valley Bible Fellowship’s Golden Egg Hunt kicks off today


A popular Easter tradition is back! Valley Bible Fellowship kicked off its Golden Egg Hunt on Thursday.

The church is hiding 300 golden Easter eggs in the greater Bakersfield area. Clues on where the eggs are hidden will be posted on the VBF Facebook page on Thursday and Friday.

If you find a Golden Egg, you will need to follow the instructions to win a prize. 

VBF says you must bring the egg (along with the note inside) to redeem for a prize at any of the follwing Valley Bible Fellowship locations:

VBF East Campus: ​2300 E. Brundage Lane

VBF CSUB Campus:​9001 Stockdale Hwy. (Student Union Building)

VBF NW Campus: ​6228 Coffee Road

Prizes include gift cards, bicycles, Samsung tablets, and iPads.

For clues and details, go the Valley Bible Fellowship Church Facebook page. 

On Sunday, April 21, Valley Bible Fellowship will host special Easter Service times at 8am, 10am, and 12 noon. A redemption booth will be set up for the lucky egg hunters!

Below are the first round of clues and rules.

Here is how to participate:

1) “Like” this post, and share it on Facebook or Instagram.

2) Find a VBF Golden Egg (only one egg may be redeemed per family).

3) Take a picture of yourself holding the Golden Egg.

4) “Tag” Valley Bible Fellowship Church on FB or Instagram in the Golden Egg post with your photo, and use #vbfeaster2019.

5) Redeem the egg (WITH enclosed note) at one of the Easter services at one of our Valley Bible Fellowship campuses for a nice prize (gift cards, bicycles, or iPads).

WARNING: Please use caution in all public surroundings, and obey all traffic laws when hunting for eggs.


This egg is parked in between Unity and Diversity.

It’s located in the most knowledgeable park.

You won’t get a degree sliding down a slide.

It takes a college student to start a grill.

This you will not know, for this egg will not show, underneath a tree found at university.

You have to stop to grab a pass before class.

This egg was hidden at Knight near a sign representing Red and Black.

This egg is gold and black, but it’s hidden in a patch of green stamped with their letters.

Studying is hard, just go for a swim.

This egg is where you can serve an ace and ace a test.

We hit a homerun with hiding this egg.

You go to the big game to support Red and Black, but you must park in the blue and white.

You WILL CALL to get tickets to the local football game.

It’s a good view, if you like oil.

Go for a jog, just don’t fall off.

This egg was hidden in the Hart of Bakersfield.

A kid’s heart is found in the center of a playground.

Where the lake connects to the river.

At this park, gunfire might scare the ducks in the lake.

These creatures walk slow, underneath them a park will show.

You might hit a bunt while you’re out on this hunt.

You might hit a “Grand Sam.”

These cages are meant for swinging.

Not the Dodgers, but it’ll do.

Don’t take your jacket off when entering this house.

An igloo is a house made of what?

When water freezes it turns into ice.

If you’re a volunteer, your yearly dinner is here.

There’s a hole-in-one of the eggs at the lakes.

An egg makes a bad golf ball.

You can see the Hawks sing and dance here.

The class of 2019: they ain’t baby hawks no more!

Hawks scream and shout as school is almost out.

Head north and west on Promenade quest.

Don’t shed a tear but this isn’t the only egg here.

It might be broad but check the Promenade.

You can boil an egg, but you can’t grill it.

Biggest trees in the world produce the best sandwiches.

These eggs sprouted up and walked to the river.

A place where you learn near La Verne.

Head to the River? Or walk the shops?

Don’t run by this river.

A mustang isn’t just a car.

Where the horses trot and the students are taught.

Make a wish!

A fountain isn’t the best place to watch a movie.

R.I.P. Johnny Garlics!

That’s a weird place to put a market!

You can’t run on this road.

On this campus, you’ll find another VBF campus.

Red, white, and blue at the blue and yellow.

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