Update: Two coyotes with mange roaming Westchester neighborhood


Help arrived over the weekend for a sickly coyote that’s been roaming the Westchester neighborhood of Bakersfield.

The wildlife organization that came to its rescue told 17News that while they did treat a coyote for mange, they discovered there’s a second coyote that also has mange, based on photos and video they received.

Anna Reams with Wildlife Care of Southern California told 17News the coyote they were able to track Sunday was a young female suffering from mange. Reams used medicated food to treat her and expects her to recover over the next few weeks. She said she has received multiple pictures of this coyote since Sunday, showing improvement.

However, an older male coyote that is in worse shape, could not be tracked Sunday, according to Reams.

Last week the Department of Fish and Wildlife told us the coyote appears to have sarcoptic mange, a skin disease caused by a parasitic mite that burrows into the skin.

“It’s not unusual to have more than one coyote in an area with mange, which is why pictures are so important,” Reams said.

The video 17News captured last week was of the male coyote Reams is now trying to tract.

“This adult has an advanced state of mange and has been seen along the Kern River Park Way Bike Trail close to Elm in the Westchester area,” Reams said. ” Coyotes in this condition can travel for miles. We have tracked some through sightings and pictures with in a five mile radius.”

Reams is asking for help from the community, especially those living along the bike path, by sending her pictures and locations of where you spot the sick coyote.

If she is receives enough sightings and is able to tract him, she can treat him for sarcpotic mange.

“This condition is very easily treated we just need to pinpoint his location,” Reams said “He to will be treated in the field. Coyotes in this condition are not normally a threat as they are so compromised.”

If you spot either coyote, email reams at annareams@gmail.com.

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