UPDATE: KCSO deputy shot dog that attacked Kern Co. Behavioral Health worker


A member of the Kern County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Mobile Evaluation Team was the person attacked by a pitbull that was shot by a sheriff’s office deputy on Monday.

Sheriff’s deputies were on a call in the 2000 block of Valencia Drive at around 3:30 p.m.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office says a 3-year-old pitbull broke loose from a yard and attacked the MET team member as he was talking to someone in a front yard.

A sheriff’s office deputy first used a taser to stop the attack but then shot the dog once finally stopping the attack.

The MET team member was taken to Kern Medical for injuries to his forearm and ankle and was later released.

The MET team partners with law enforcement linking residents to mental health services and also responds with deputies on calls involving people experiencing mental health crises the Sheriff’s Office said.

The dog was not killed, but was seized by Kern County Animal Control.

A sheriff’s office spokesperson said the name of the deputy won’t be released since dogs are considered property, therefore, not considered an “officer involved shooting.”

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