BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Kern County Board of Supervisors is being demanded to adopt term limits by a group who claims the board has mismanaged and failed to provide competent leadership.

The group is part of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and they have a laundry list of complaints and reasons why two terms in office would be a good thing for the board and the people it serves.

“We see our roads are crumpling, we see the rise of homelessness and really a lack of services in our community and I think it’s time to move forward in a new direction and we think term limits is that step forward,” Ricardo Delhoyo the lead union representative for United Domestic Workers said.

Community activists and union leaders are demanding term limits for Kern County’s Board of Supervisors, saying term limits will bring new faces and positive change to the board.

“It will bring people in that will hopefully have some new outlooks but it will also give the community a chance to change the faces that represent them,” Sonja Bennett a retired county employee said.

The union claims the board of supervisors is sitting on millions of unused funds while ignoring infrastructure and neighborhoods outside of the metropolitan area.

“Why is it now? The union, the SEIU wants more pay,” Cathy Abernathy KGET 17 Political Analyst said.
“Those supervisors, I think, should be commended for pocketing and saving money right now and I hope they are because if this oil industry keeps getting shot at by Gov. Newsom there won’t be money here to distribute. There will be people who will have to be laid off.”

The union represents over 53,000 public and non profit workers in California.

“It’s time,” Delhoyo said. “Kern can not wait. We need elected officials that represent us. They are going to take care of all our community. Not just the metropolitan area but all of the surrounding cities as well.”

As for the criticism by activists that the county is sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars in reserves, County Administrative Officer Ryan Alsop late this afternoon told 17 News that simply demonstrates their gross misunderstanding of the budget process.

On Thursday, the union and its leaders will hold a press conference at 1pm to take their case for term limits to the public.