Unclaimed: $2.6 million Powerball lottery ticket sold in Bakersfield

Powerball ticket sold in Bakersfield, two other lottery winners come forward

A lottery ticket worth more than $2 million was sold at Super Food Mart in East Bakersfield Wednesday–but the winner has yet to claim the prize.

For Manmohan Gill, who owns the convenience store on Haley and Bernard Streets, a lottery winner means a lucky day for him too.

Gill will pocket half a percent of the $2.61 million prize–about $15,000. It’s an amount he says will go back into his convenience store.

“So just for selling the ticket, he’s going to get a bonus–not to mention the advertising and of course publicity for the store,” said Carl Ornelaz, a representative from California Lottery.

Gill believes the winner is a regular customer.

He or she didn’t get the full Powerball jackpot, but still matched five of six numbers:  8, 12, 42, 46, 56. They just missed the final number 12, putting them shy of a $53 million windfall.

Nevertheless, it’s still a stroke of luck for Bakersfield.

“We haven’t had (a win) in Bakersfield in quite a while. We’ve had them in Delano…we got a 2 million dollar winner in Tulare. So we brought a $2 million winner to Bakersfield,” Ornelaz said.

If the winner wants their full prize, the $2.6 million can be paid over the course of 26 years–about $100,000 each year. Or, they could take a lump sum of about 60 percent of the prize–about $1.6 million.

Two other Powerball winners recently came forward–one from a drawing in October, who split a $2.5 million prize with a ticket from the 19th Street Mobile Market. Another winner was from September, who bought a $157,000 ticket from a Chevron on Panama Lane.

You can find more information about this and other winning lottery ticket numbers at calottery.com.

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