Two armed robberies at Valley Plaza just hours apart


Another shoppers alert and it concerns Valley Plaza mall here in Bakersfield.

On Monday we told you about a robbery at gunpoint at Valley Plaza on Black Friday. Tuesday we learned that robbery was not an isolated incident. 

Thursday, around 11:40 p.m., four people on the north side of Sears were approached by two men. The two robbed the victims at gunpoint and ran.

Two hours later, at around 1:40 a.m.. three other people were approached by two men and robbed at gunpoint near the food court, located on the opposite side of the mall. 

“There was three of them walking to their car, “ said April Brenes. “Someone jumped out, put them on gunpoint and took all their items.”

The two men then ran, one of the victims went after them a robber turned and fired his gun, police said. No one was injured. 

“Hopefully mall management can see that we’re all at risk here and they can designate a closer parking space for all of us, hopefully something changes,” said Brenes.

The biggest concern among mall employees we talked to is the parking situation.

“It’s way further than the parking because mall management wants their customers to have a closer walk to the mall,” said Brenes.

Employees must park in the outer areas of the parking lot and they say:

“It’s just too dangerous for night employees to have to walk that far,” said Brenes.

We talked to shoppers about the situation and despite the two incidents, they say they still feel safe at the mall.

“I feel like they’re pretty good with safety here,” said Samantha Mccorvey. “I feel like it’s a pretty isolated incident what happened with the shooting a couple nights ago.”

“I’ve shopping here since I was 10 years old and I’ve never had any problems,” said Barbara Cleveland.

We contacted Valley Plaza to ask them if the mall is safe. They were unable to provide us with any information about their safety measures, but confirmed they were aware of the situation and were working with Bakersfield Police in the ongoing investigation.

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