Trump threat to shutdown US-Mexico border could hurt local restaurants


President Trump is still threatening to shut down the US-Mexico border and it could hurt local restaurants.

The president of Mission Produce — the largest distributor of avocados in the world — says America would run out of its avocado supply in three weeks.

KUZZ news sat down with Sarah Slayton-Price, the manager of Jake’s Tex-Mex Cafe in Bakersfield. She says an avocado shortage could force them to change how they do business, and if they run out, fresh guacamole could leave the menu.

“If you make fresh guacamole like we do every day, and you’re going through cases a day, multiple cases a day, you’re going to have some very unhappy customers,” she said.

Slayton-Price says avocados are the most immediate threat, but restaurants that use other fresh vegetables would be hurt as well.

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