The trial has been postponed for two disgraced sheriff’s deputies accused of stealing marijuana from KCSO evidence.

The investigation into former Bakersfield police detectives Damacio Diaz and Patrick Mara connected deputies Logan August and Derrick Penney to a ring of law enforcement officers who raided drug evidence lockers in both departments.

August and Penney were sentenced last year to probation on federal charges. They never spent a day behind bars.
17 News broke the story in September that the Kern County Grand Jury handed down a secret indictment charging August and Penney with more than a dozen felonies. The new charges, in Kern County Superior Court, could result in prison time.
August and Penney were scheduled to go to trial in January. Tuesday morning, the trial was pushed back to May. According Supervising Deputy District Attorney Michael Yraceburn, the defense needed more time to complete its investigation and get all the discovery from the prosecution. Yraceburn said the judge also granted Penney permission to not appear at some future hearings because he lives in Idaho.