Trash and citations remain after Fourth of July celebrations


Fourth of July celebrations left behind a lot of trash and resulted in a lot of citations for illegal fireworks.

Grass at The Park at River Walk, where the biggest Fourth of July party took place was covered in trash Thursday. Everything from food wrappers, to dirty dippers, even forgotten clothing were left behind for city workers to clean up.

“I think they are really careless,” Christian Taylor, who volunteered to help clean up, said. “We need to be more cautious about it because this is, we’ve got to take care of our planet.”

City staff members were joined by a group from New Advances for People with Disabilities, or NAPD, volunteering to help clean up the mess.

“If it helps the community, it makes the world better,” NAPD client Benjamin Dircks said.

The Bakersfield Fire Department had 38 enforcement teams patrolling for safety violations this year, three times more than last year.

Forty-eight citations were handed out this year, with about a thousand calls to the city and county hotlines coming in.

“The thousand calls that were received at the hotline is actually county wide so the city responses were actually just over 550 that we were responsible for investigating,” John Frando with Bakersfield Fire Department said.

Despite plenty of safety warnings, city fire responded to 20 fires between 5 p.m. and midnight Wednesday. There were 10 burn injuries reported, mostly kids.

“That’s one of our goals, is to always be proactive, to educate residents on what legal, what’s not legal and hopefully people will use good judgment and follow the laws,” Frando said. “But our task force teams are going to continue to be out every year until we have this curbed. We are going to continue to educate on the front end, but enforce on the back end.”

Fireworks can no longer be set off until New Years Eve.

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