Thousands attend 23rd Annual Scottish Games


The 23rd Annual Scottish Games took over the fairgrounds this weekend.

The two-day event is put on by the Kern County Scottish Society.

“We want to educate people in Kern County about Celtic history and everything,” chieftain of the Scottish society Bruce Marshall said. “You don’t have to be Scottish to be a member. Just come out and have fun.”

Dozens of athletes put their strength to the test.

“With heavy athletics and everything out here, this is held in Scotland and different parts of the United States with the athletic games,” Marshall said. “And we just have a great time out here.”

Thousands of Scotts, like Nolanna Anthony, came out to embrace their roots.

“It’s part of Bakersfield life,” Anthony said. “The Scottish societies have been involved in Bakersfield history for years and a lot of things we take for granted in everyday life come from Scottish culture.”

The games provided more than just entertainment and shopping, but a sense of community and pride.

Family clans dating back to the early-1000s, like the Frasers, gathering to enjoy and educate.

“It’s our way of sharing with the community this unique thing,” Diolain Fraser said. “There’s Scotts immigrants all over the world and for various reasons, whether it be economic or political, we came here.”

This was the first year the games were a two-day event.

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