BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — An all-American classic: the juicy burger. It is easy to find one pretty much anywhere, but some are clearly better than others.

From hole-in-the-wall burger joints to restaurants with full, fleshed-out menus, this list will tell you where to visit for the best, top-rated spots for a decadent burger in Kern County.

  1. Banderas Burger Grill

Address: 101 North Chester Ave Bakersfield, Calif.

With 80 reviews and 4.5 stars, this spot has proven itself to be a fan-favorite. Many rave about the food quality, especially for the price point.

“My alternative to the long lines at in-n-out. The fries beat them hands down too. This food truck serves gourmet charbroiled burgers at an affordable price. It’s located inside a car park with dedicated parking, shaded seating and service is fast and personable. Well worth a visit and the family loves it,” Yelp reviewer Brett B. wrote.

Only one review spoke negatively about the quality of the food, saying the burgers were too greasy and not hot enough.

2. Moo Creamery

Address: 4885 Truxtun Ave Ste B Bakersfield, Calif.

With over 2500 reviews and 4 stars, burgers lovers praise this location for having some of the best burgers in town.

“For our entrees we both ordered the The Moo Burger with a side of fries. My fiancé asked for a double patty and avocado as add-ons to his burger. He didn’t regret that at all. It was massive LOL but looked sooooooo juicy and flavorful. The moo sauce had a kick to it but it paired with my burger and fries well. We both had our patties cooked Medium Well and it was PERFECT,” Yelp user Debbie C. wrote.

Most of the negative reviews focused on the service rather than the taste of the food. The restaurant is often crowded and customers find the servers have a hard time keeping up with the demand.

3. Locale Farm to Table Eatery

Address: 1727 18th St Bakersfield, Calif.

This new eatery has quickly earned 4.5 stars from over 600 reviews. The restaurant prides itself on using locally sourced organic and sustainable ingredients.

“Always wanted to make my way out here. Glad I finally did. Love the place, the decor, the outside seating and the people. Ordered an all American burger and it hit the spot. Just absolutely loved it. Also the fries with that dipping sauce they give you, sooo good,” Scott B of Bakersfield said.

Most of the negative reviews had complaints about the slow service and the personability of the wait staff.

4. Super Tom’s Burgers

Address: 9531 Rosedale Hwy Bakersfield, Calif.

This Northwest spot is a hit among burger and fries lovers across town and those stopping in for a visit. Those looking for something classic, nothing fancy, can fix their burger cravings here. It earns extra points for its freshness.

“This place is the best local burger spot. Better then frosty king chains around town. The fries are seasoned unlike others places and the burger tasted great. I can’t find a flaw!! Definitely eat here if you are hungry,” Luis F. from Littlerock, Calif. said.

Some reviewers said this is their favorite place in town, commending the flavor, freshness, price, service, and overall atmosphere.

5. Leo’s Burgers

Address: 4501 Ming Ave Bakersfield, Calif.

Reviews on this establishment are a little more mixed. With 284 reviews garnered, Leo’s Burgers sits at 3.5 stars. While their menu serves all the classics, it is their customer service and speed that affects the quality of the food and overall visit.

“Food isn’t bad. The service is though. The employees have a really hard time taking orders and making the items as ordered. We gave it 3 visits….each time order was incorrect in some way. We live 20 mins away and we go here because they have a turkey burger on the menu. We order it a certain way….but don’t get it that way,” Austen G. from Calimesa, Calif. wrote.

If you want to try Leo’s Burgers, it might be best to visit at a time of day when the location is not overwhelmed by customers.

6. Pops Burgers

Address: 2821 Taft Hwy Bakersfield, Calif.

This place has an extensive menu but knows how to do an old-fashioned burger better than most. With 88 reviews, Pops Burgers has a solid 4 stars. Claiming they do not make it until you order it, customers can taste the freshness.

“Short story? Visit Pop’s! Long story? I keep putting off reviewing this place because I like to post photos… but I always scarf my burger down as soon as I get home because, DANG, Pop’s Burgers are good,” Chase R. from Bakersfield said.

This hidden gem is not fancy, but they focus on the quality of their food and their customer’s experience. Some people have cited getting incorrect orders, but the staff kindly refunds them and gives them their order on the house.

7. Happy Jacks Hamburger and Pie Shop

Address: 1800 20th St Bakersfield, Calif.

This Downtown gem has 4 stars with nearly 200 reviews. This is the place to get a classic diner burger.

“Best burgers in Bakersfield. The Ortega burger is a flavor explosion! Try it. The hamburger meat actually taste like real and amazing hamburger. Not the cardboard hockey pucks we are used to,” Carla M. from Bakersfield wrote.

Some of the downsides include being a cash-only establishment and the high price point for basic, albeit tasty, food.

8. Carousel Drive In

Address: 901 Woodrow Ave Bakersfield, Calif.

If your are looing for a quality burger with no fuss or frills, this is the place to go. With 31 reviews, this joint sits at 4 stars. Most patrons love the simplicity and nostalgia this classic drive-in has to offer.

“This is the only place so far I can find in Bakersfield that has the best Old Fashioned Hamburgers I live on the other side of town and I cannot find a place over here that tastes like this place has,” Jo-Ann T. of Bakersfield wrote.

On the flip side, some believe the simple menu items are nothing to write home about, and the prices do not reflect the quality of the food.

9. Burger Hut

Address: 1112 19th St Bakersfield, Calif.

This mom and pop shop is small but mighty. Customers here love the bang-for-your-buck food and cozy atmosphere. The customers also notice the passion and dedication to quality.

“Great burgers, hand made and fresh meat, not frozen. Great customer service. This place is a great one man operation. He pulls the meat out of the fridge, puts it on the grill and cooks it perfectly. The patty is a perfect size, not like the skinny frozen jobs that you get from most  independent (or chain) places. It was caramelized just enough and still juicy,” Cheryl G. of Bakersfield wrote.

A bacon cheeseburger combo is only $7.69, on par with a chain like McDonalds.

10. Juicy Burger

Address: 1201 24th St Ste D130 Bakersfield, Calif.

With 215 reviews, this local burger spot has a solid 3.5 stars. Many customers sing their praises and confirm this business lives up to its name.

“Loving the Juicy Burger BYO!! I really like being able to customize my burger by being able to get it as a wrap or salad, that’s one thing I look for when choosing a place to eat,” Christina P. of Bakersfield wrote.

Like every other establishment, most of its poor reviews criticize the customer service and management.