The Jingle Master


You know their work, but if they passed you on the street you may not recognize them.

In the final story of a series about some of the people whose work has shaped our community for the past 40 years, I honor Jim Shaw.

Shaw performing with Buck Owens and the Buckaroos.

Shaw is a Buckaroo and talented keyboardist.

He’s also the man behind those jingles we just haven’t been able to get out of our heads for roughly 40 years.

“I’ve done an awful lot of them,” Jim Shaw said.

To be exact…

“Somewhere between 250-300 jingles,” Shaw said.

He’s the “Jingle Master.”

“Jingle” Jim Shaw, if you will.

“Things like ‘Brocks is the Place’ and Trans-Lex Stereo and companies that don’t even exist anymore. Some of the jingles that have been around for many years are ‘We treat your feet,’ ‘Today Cleaners! In by 11 ready at 4,’ and ‘The Emporium, look for the big red boot.”

Shaw working on his latest jingle.

“I got into the jingle business back in 72 or 73. I was a music producer for Susan Raye, a country singer that traveled with us on the Buck Owens Show, and she was hired to do a Bill Wright Toyota jingle and I though, I think I can do this. I want to try that. I think my first jingle was Ray’s Manufactured Homes and then Hodels,” Shaw said.

Shaw testing new jingle music.

“I’m a song writer and I had songs recorded by Garth Brooks and Tom Jones and it’s very difficult. It’s a long miserable road and for every success there’s 100 that never get recorded. Jingles are just so fun because of the instant gratification. You get the thing done and the next thing you know you hear it on the radio or see it on the TV,” Shaw said.

A talented keyboardist, Shaw has written somewhere between 250-300 jingles.

“The funny thing is very often when somebody talks about one of the jingles it’s how irritating it is that it was stuck in their head and I generally smile and say good, that was the idea, to get it stuck in your head. It’s all about what we call hook,” Shaw said.

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