The future of Cal City hangs in the balance


It’s a vote that holds a lot of consequence.

Tuesday, California City residents will vote on a tax that will drastically effect their community’s future. Residents are deciding on Measure C – a public safety parcel tax to fund the city fire and police departments. But if the tax is voted out – city staffers say, it could be the end of Cal City as they know it. 

For residents, it’s a tax of $183, per year, per property. But for the city’s public safety departments, it’s much more. 

“If Measure C does not pass that would end up more of a drastic cut than we’re at now and there will not be 24-hour coverage,” said Cal City Police Chief  Eric Hurtado. 

Hurtado says his department is already stretched with 10 officers.

“If Measure C does not pass, we may go down to Chief of Police and three officers, and that’s impossible,” he said. 

The tax is an additional source of income that adds roughly 7 million dollars to the city’s annual budget. An amount the city simply cannot function without.  

“It’s an unsafe, ineffective, impractical, reduced level of service for the people who depend on us,” said David Goodell, the Cal City Fire Chief. 

If voters decide to vote it out, the future of Cal City will look very different, very soon.

Polls are open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

66 percent of the votes must be a ‘yes’ for Measure C to pass. 

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