The final verdict is out and changes are in for the Richland School District


The Richland School District has been in the headlines for over a month. In February, the school board voted seven of the eight administrators in the district out of their current positions.

“If I were to enlist my 1,700 homes that I have and say ‘What do you think, what should I do with that principal?’ I would probably get 1,700 different answers,” the Richland School District superintendent Dr. Dago Garcia told us earlier this month. 

Perhaps. But many of those people – parents, students – have asked to be enlisted. 

Julia Wilson is a third grade teacher at Golden Oak Elementary. “I’m upset,” she told 17 News, “because it’s not fair how this is going down.”

Bobbi Camacho is a substitute teacher in the district. She expressed the same sentiment in the weeks leading up to Tuesday night’s board meeting. “The majority of us are not happy with this decision,” Camacho said. 

Still others say, this is exactly the kind of change they’ve been waiting for. 

“The administrators have all been made aware of the issues that they have and they were given time to change and make improvements – some of them chose not to,” Nancy Thompson, a teacher at Richland Junior High, said. 

After Tuesday’s emotional board meeting – where person after person pleaded one way or the other – the board did re-vote. But the outcome was the same. 

The removal of all four principals and three of the four vice principals will take place by next school year. 

Now, both sides have their answer, whether they like it or not. 

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