The 10 most Instagrammable walls in Bakersfield


Does Bakersfield need a re-branding effort?

A recent study commissioned by the city found that residents have a more negative view of Bakersfield than those who live outside the county. As a result, there have been several local art projects to beautify Bakersfield, many of which are spreading through social media.

In the spirit of celebrating Bakersfield’s pockets of beauty, here are the most Instagrammable walls in Bakersfield–the best backdrops to stage a photo shoot for social media.

1. One of the largest murals downtown wraps around The Mark and symbolizes old-school Hollywood and luxury.

2. Around the corner, the veteran’s wall is hard to miss. It’s a beautiful way to honor the service of so many in our community.

3. Down the street, the glistening blue tiles at the Nile have been the site of several engagement photos, senior portraits, and impromptu Instagram shoots.

4. As a bonus, there’s a Picasso-inspired mural of guitars next door.

5. More hidden downtown is the graffiti at Guthrie’s Alley Cat. For the oldest bar in Bakersfield, it remains lively and colorful.

6. The mural at The Kitchen spreads across an entire parking lot and pictures a boy with his guitar.

7. Looking for a pair of wings? The House of Talula is the spot.

8. As for iconic signs, there’s the blue monochromatic backdrop at Café Smitten.

9. Another notable sign is Luigi’s–a popular spot to show off where you ate.

10. The last on our list isn’t exactly a wall, but it’s just as iconic. From the parking structure across from the Padre, you can see one of the most historic markers of downtown Bakersfield. The best part is, you can also spot several murals on our list from up there.

All these sites bring to mind other beautification efforts like Aurora Lucielle’s series of butterfly wings in Oildale.

There’s also the ‘Be in Bakersfield’ campaign, which launched a mural competition to bring more art downtown.

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