Tehachapi council votes down ‘In God We Trust’ addition to police vehicles, declines vote on 2nd Amendment ‘sanctuary city’ proposal


City of Tehachapi City Hall – file

The City of Tehachapi declined to move forward on two separate motions that would have added “In God We Trust” to police vehicles and take steps toward declaring the city a “sanctuary city” for the 2nd Amendment.

At Monday’s city council meeting the council declined to take up a vote on a proposal to explore ways the city could become exempt from state gun regulations, like bans on certain kinds of ammunition.

City councilmember Kenneth Hetge said a motion to take up the vote did not have support among councilmembers and was not seconded for a vote.

Hetge argued the state passes so many restrictions that it is a Constitutional issue. However a memo by Tehachapi police chief Kent Kroeger raised several concerns about whether Tehachapi had any valid legal standing.

Hetge told 17 News following Monday night’s meeting, the city attorney said it would cost $5,000 to explore the legalities of Tehachapi becoming a 2nd Amendment “sanctuary city.”

“How much is your freedom worth?” Hetge said when discussing the meeting with 17 News.

The Tehachapi city council also voted down a motion, 3-2, to add “In God We Trust” to police vehicles.

The movement to add the motto to local law enforcement vehicles was a county-wide effort by Pastor Deangelo Frazier.

So far, the cities of Delano Bakersfield have voted to add decals with the motto “In God We Trust” to police vehicles.

Hetge told 17 News he does not expect either proposal to be brought up before the council again.

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