Tastries Bakery owner files legal argument in same-sex cake dispute

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The owner of Tastries Bakery filed her legal argument in the ongoing lawsuit over her refusal to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple accusing them of trapping her into a lawsuit.

The owner of Tastries, Cathy Miller is accusing the same-sex couple as trying to trap her for a lawsuit.

This started last month August when Eileen and Mireya Rodriguez-Del Rio went to Tastries for a cake.

Miller refused saying serving them would violate her religious beliefs.

Two months later, the couple filed a complaint with the Department of Fair Housing.

In Miller’s opposition brief filed in Dec. 13, 2017 in Kern County Superior Court, Miller argues she serves anyone of any orientation, but she won’t bake cakes that bear a message violating her beliefs.

Miller also accuses the couple of instigating a lawsuit instead of actually wanting service.

Both sides are due back in court Feb. 2.

Read Miller’s filing at this link.

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