Taco Wars in downtown Bakersfield


The best part of the opening of the newest Del Taco location in Bakersfield is the fact that it’s right next door to another, very similar restaurant: Taco Bell. 

So we went to Del Taco on opening day, to ask why patrons choose Del Taco versus Taco Bell.

“It’s a lot cheaper and they have better options,” said Jesus Bustamante of Del Taco, a local guy who works downtown. 

“I can tell they value their customers and I can tell they really take time on what they make,” Jamar Mulder also told us when we asked him why he liked Del Taco versus Taco Bell. 

It’s easy to tell, Del Taco fans are thrilled about the opening. But it’s the location of the new restaurant – at the corner of 24th and Eye Streets – that got our attention. 

“I found out from Taco Bell employees that they were going to open a Del Taco and I told them, ‘well you guys better be looking for another job,'” said Tom Belardes, another customer in the Del Taco drive-thru on opening day. 

The new Del Taco is right next to Taco Bell. And we’re calling it: Taco Wars

“Honestly, I’ve never really thought that a taco place could really be that different, and they’re both fast food, but it is different,” said Mulder, the loyal Del Taco fan. 

Taco Bell requested that we don’t film on their property, so we didn’t get a chance to talk to all the loyal Taco Bell goers. But from our surveillance, both lines stayed pretty busy during the lunch hour rush. 

The consensus? Downtown diners are just happy for more options.

The new Del Taco location is open from 7 am to 10 pm everyday, but the drive-thru never closes. Giving you access to tacos and crinkle fries in downtown Bakersfield, 24/7.

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