Swim safety as kids dip in the water for summer

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Drowning is an issue most parents cannot bear to think about, yet children fall victim to the tragedy everyday in the United States.

According to recent Health Report, more than 300 children have drowned in pools across the country since 2015.

Moreover, a new health report estimates the number is approaching 400, with most victims being younger than five.

According to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, three children have fallen victim in 2019 alone.

The tragedy is a reminder that it only takes one minute for a child to drown.

For that reason, Kern County Public Health officials are combating the issue by initiating a new campaign that promotes pool safety.

Brynn Carrigan, Assistant Director or the Kern County Public Health Department said the majority of drownings happen due to a lack of supervision.

As a preventative effort the Health Department has launched the Water Watcher’s Program.

“These Water Watcher lanyards [designates] the adult that’s responsible for watching the children as they’re swimming,” Carrigan said.

“It’s equipped with a whistle, [so] if there is a child in danger [it alerts] all the adults in the area.”

Carrigan said parents are also encouraged to enroll children in swimming lessons as soon as possible.

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