Supervisors to decide whether to place medicinal marijuana ballot measure on March 3, 2020 ballot


County supervisors are set to decide Tuesday whether to place a medical marijuana measure on the 2020 election ballot this march.

If approved, the measure would be the second medical marijuana measure to qualify for the ballot. It would implement a 3.5 percent tax, and would require dispensaries to be at least 1,00 feet from schools, libraries, public parks, places of worship, and family day cares.

The measure would also require dispensaries to operate in industrial zones only after the county approves M1, M2, or M3 manufacturing conditional use permits.

“We would be finished. That would be all,” said Steve Duce, owner of the once-open Budville Medical dispensary. “This is a commercial zone property. A lot of these shops are in commercial properties. [The county proposal] is not good for anybody who was in business prior to the shops shutting down.”

The other measure already qualified for the ballot was put on by the group known as Central Valley Cannabis. The group says, unlike the county’s proposal, its measure would allow dispensaries to operate in industrial and commercial zones.

“We’re not trying to be unrealistic by putting dispensary on every coroner, but we do want to make sure every patient has access to it,” said Cece Reyna, the group’s media relations liaison. “If we’re out in the industrial areas only, that’s going to make it very difficult for our patients,” she continued.

Duce and Reyna also voiced concerns a second ballot initiative could lead to voter confusion at the polls.

KGET reached out to county leaders for their side, but the county differed a statement until Tuesday when supervisors will review the proposed measure.

Today marks 148 days until primary election day – march 3, 2020.

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