Students found inoperable rifle in case at Greenfield Middle School

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Students at Greenfield Middle School found a broken rifle inside of a gun case on campus. 

The inoperable and unloaded rifle was found on the west side of campus by the running track and near the perimeter of the school. That area is backed up to a neighborhood cult de sac, according to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. 

The surveillance video was checked to make sure the gun was not brought onto campus, according to Greenfield Unified School District.

Greenfield Unified School District believes it must have been thrown over the fence the night before. 

“The Gun was not there yesterday and it appeared this morning,” said Assistant Superintendent Like Hogue. “It’s unfortunate someone would have the audacity to throw a firearm into school grounds.”

The gun has not been linked to any crimes, according to the sheriff’s office. 

17news obtained this letter that was sent out to parents regarding the gun found on campus:

The letter reads:

April 10, 2019

Dear Parent(s): 

“I wanted to take a few moments and make you aware of a situation that occurred on the campus of Greenfield Middle School today. This morning at approximately 8:45 a.m. an abandoned inoperable/broken firearm was located along the fence line on the west side of the school campus. Law enforcement was contacted immediately and secured and thrown over the school fence in the evening hours when students were not present. Site and district administration are cooperating with law enforcement’s investigation.”


Luke Hogue

Assistant Superintendent of Personnel

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