Strata Credit Union grants 30th wish to New Advances for People with Disabilities


The wishes continue.

For its 70th Anniversary, Strata Credit Union decided to give back to the community is has served all these years.

Wish #30 granted to New Advances for People with Disabilities.

NAPD started a yoga program to help boost the mood and physical abilities of its clients.

It was an instant success.

“We’re trying to see the strength and wellness of the benefits of yoga and so for example, we have Hunter that started off doing a plank at 29 seconds. Now it’s up to 1:45. We can see the growth and benefits first hand and we’re just excited,” said Crisol Jimenez, Yoga instructor at NAPD.

The only problem, the non-profit didn’t have enough yoga mats for all of its clients.

That was until Strata Credit Union stepped in.

“Granting of the wishes to the community is basically our thank you back to the community for the 70 years of support they’ve given us,” said Brandon Ivie, CEO at Strata Credit Union

I think the only thing to say at this point is: Namaste from NAPD.

“Yoga class. I like it. I say thank you,” said Daniel Montes, a client at NAPD.

“I love new yoga mats,” said Hunter Bridges, another client at NAPD.

“We love you guys. Thank you,” said Alpha “Poppy” Stewart, also a client at NAPD.

Strata has 40 wishes left to grant for a total of 70 wishes.

You can follow their wish campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

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