Storm hits Grapevine, mountain passes overnight


UPDATE 7:24 p.m.: CHP says snow has stopped in the Grapevine, but they will continue to pace traffic because of haze in the area.


UPDATE 3:55 p.m.: Caltrans says it is snowing at the Grapevine and CHP is now pacing vehicles through I-5. 

Caltrans urges drivers be cautious and to obey CHP pacers.


Update 11:19 a.m. CHP is no longer pacing traffic over the Grapevine. CHP Fort Tejon says the roadway is clear. Highway 58 remains open.


Update 5:55 a.m. CHP is pacing traffic over the Grapevine due to snow/ice. 


Another storm is expected to come through Kern County, especially affecting the mountain passes with snow.

Parts of the Bakersfield reported heavy hail and some rain on Monday afternoon. Motorists reported icy conditions along Highway 58 heading into Keene.

On Monday night, Bear Valley Springs had about an inch of snowfall.

CHP is alerting motorists that the expected snowfall could prompt a closure of the Grapevine. 

Caltrans is also reminding drivers to practice safe driving on the roads and offers the following tips.

We are going to use this page to update you on affected roads and road closures.

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